The Chicken Breed market value of 2500$-4000$ Currently competing with BITCOIN

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Ayam Cemani breed of chicken.jpg

As you try to figure out who was the owner of the Cock that crowed when peter denied Jesus??
The Ayam Cemani Cock breed Could be the Cock that crowed when people denied Jesus 3 times.
With a current market value price of 2500$-4000$
The Rooster weigh 6 lbs while the Hen weigh 4 lbs Average

Ayam-Cemani RoosterAyam-Cemani-Chicken3.jpgAyam-Cemani HenThe Ayam Cemani breed of chickens.jpg

The ayam cemani is an Indonesian chicken that takes black entirely:
Their eyes tongue are black
Their feathers are black.
Their skin is black. images (2).jpg

The have black muscle anchored to black bones.
Their internal organs are black heart liver kidney intestines.
images (3).jpg3a ayam cemani.jpg
The hens lay Averages 60 to 100 Eggs their first year
The Ayam Cemani breed of chickens.jpg
Large for the size of the hen
Heres how their chicks look like after hatching
Raising Ayam Cemani.jpg
With bitcoin crisis just invest on The Ayam Cemani and thank me later lol

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