¿Hearing big calls on bitcoin? Check how experts got to that conclusion

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Image from CoinTelegraph

Remember this chart? -> https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/SrSt8LPy-Bitcoin-end-cycle/

Let us do a close up on the recent action:


We created another bulish (smaller) triangle. Those that are with me for long should remember what usually happens when a comodity funnels like that =).

THE TOTAL MARKET CAP (ALL COINS COMBINED INTO 1 CHART) HAS A CLEAR COMPLETION OF AN abc CORRECTION. Another strong indication of bottoming out. Chart by Dalin_Anderson

Another bullish pattern that also helps confirm a bottom (Weekly MACD).

Now remember, more than half the market is screaming for $2.900 USD. Why do I personally think we will not see a mirror correction of 2013?

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