VISA Ceased Operations With XAPO - Credit And Debit Cards No Longer Work

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XAPO debit cards stopped working last January 4, after VISA decided to veto the cryptocurrency company.

Last Thursday VISA (and its subsidiary Wavecrest) notified XAPO that they would cease operations with them. Lots of Bitcoin users in Europe who used Xapo to easily turn the cryptocurrency into cash woke up to discover that their cards are now useless. VISA's measure also affected other companies who provided Bitcoin debit cards, including Bitpay and Bitwala.

Will XAPO and the other companies be able to work with other card providers? Or will Bitcoin / cryptocoin credit cards disappear for the time being?


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This is bad , now that people who have bitcoin on XAPO card lost a lot of money, but maybe will be able to work again.

That hurts...

Some other companies keep providing crypto debit cards. I wonder how Xapo didn't manage to be able to offer one once again...


Makes me wonder, though... Some other companies continue being able to offer Bitcoin debit cards and such

I could be talking total bull but I imagine that XAPO and other similar companies are looking into alternatives to VISA. Mastercard is probably the major option here. Other options might be, I don't know... Discover??? BNP???

Was annoying news, but there will be many new cards on the way; as one offering dies, another 3 will spring up.

Interesting. Thanks for posting

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I think people can withdraw their bitcoins and send them elsewhere???

What s u c k s all the more is that Xapo does not seem to be offering anything else. * sigh * Well...

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