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Hello Lovely People!!!

Attached is a somewhat busy picture but its a quick way to check the approximate impact of Bitcoin price volatility on rewards earned by miners.

It is NOT accurate because even after a 25% drop in price, we are still annualising over THREE figures in rewards so I would like to draw your attention to point number 5 in the small Red, bold print in the picture.

Quick breakdown -

BTC at U$ 3000 is a ~25% drop from 1 month ago.
BTC at U$ 3000 is a ~25% gain from 2 months ago.
BTC at U$ 3000,mining still returns annualised rewards well over 100%

If it moves by another

33% down to U$ 2000, annual mining = 90%+
66% down to U$ 1000, annual mining = 40%+
66% recovery U$ 5000, annual mining = 240%+

Cheers, P

expanded Important points:-

1 Below calculations assume percentage fee not fixed flat fee per calculation.

  1. Calculations are for relative comparison to bank deposit rates of 1% or less, and reward numbers indicated are intended to expose the futility of taking advice from skeptics.

  2. Calculations are expressly not meant for solicitation of new business, rather a guideline to existing miners and action takers with our team over the past 10 months.

  3. Rewards are subject to change daily change in price and fortnightly change in mining difficulty level

  4. Annual percentage figures may be reduced by another 50% and they still wipe the floor with critics opinions.

  5. Underlined "per Day" numbers in the calculator page are gross, without factoring fees/costs/overheads. in the blue font, they are approximate net of costs but daily returns.

  6. The annual number can never be established so far ahead in time, therefore it remains a vague indicator not a confirmed performance indicator.FB_IMG_1505471058871.jpg


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