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What Is Simplify Crypto?

Simplify Crypto is a step-by-step plan for beginners to get started with cryptocurrency. It is an onboarding program that streamlines the process of basic training, goal setting, and account setup for a beginner to have success with cryptocurrency.

What Problem Does It Solve?

This strategic guide helps the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by simplifying the crypto onboarding process for average (non-techy) individual.

Who Developed This Program?

G4G Crypto Training is a company dedicated to making cryptocurrency more accessible, and usable, by the average person. Justin has been enthusiastically involved with championing cryptocurrency adoption since 2017. He believes that reducing the learning curve, and being able to quickly guide someone through the confusing "how to get started process," creates faster adoption of the overall crypto space.

Who Benefits From This Service?

  1. Beginners.

  2. Peer to Peer introductions to crypto. (Friends explaining to friends)

  3. Professionals who help beginners get started with crypto. (Bloggers, crypto educators, content providers, etc)

Why Was Simplify Crypto Created?

In 2017, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency were exploding onto the scene. Justin began his own journey into cryptocurrency, and painfully stumbled through every aspect of the process. He read hundreds of articles, watched every video he could find, and made several frustrating time consuming mistakes that slowed his progress. In addition, trying to explain all of this new tech jargon to people was a difficult and confusing. Justin quickly realized that confusion was the enemy of adoption for the average person. Even if a new person was excited about the opportunity, they weren't going to take action if they were confused or unclear of with what they should do next. Justin set out to make a simple step by step onboarding process that would allow the new user to be on track for success almost immediately. In short...Simplify Crypto is the result of several years of experience introducing new people into cryptocurrency and helping them to take advantage of the largest transfer of wealth we will see in our lifetime.

What Is Included?

Simplify Crypto is made up of the G4G Treasure Map and G4G Treasure Box which includes:

  1. A simple strategy for consistent success with cryptocurrency.

  2. A fun story that provides clear analogies and success principles.

  3. Basic Training (in very simple language): Understand Bitcoin, Blockchain, Altcoins, Wallets, Taxes, Regulations, and more.

  4. Goal Setting: Realistic Expectations, how to balance crypto portfolio, and High Risk Vs. Low Risk strategies.

  5. Vital Tools and Resources: Account set up Tutorials, Tools to Shortcut the Process and Avoid Costly Pitfalls, Tons of Bonus Resources.

How Much Does It Cost?


How Can You Access the Simplify Crypto Treasure Map and Treasure Box?

Visit: Simplify Crypto (https://g4gcryptotraining.thinkific.com/courses/simplify-crypto)


Simplify crypto gives a step-by-step strategy, trusted resources, and vital tools for the average person to begin having success with cryptocurrency. When new people quickly understand the most important aspects of cryptocurrency and have a step by step guide to success, everyone wins. The new person wins because they can now position themselves to take advantage of this massive opportunity, and we in crypto win because we have just helped move crypto on step closer to mass adoption. Best regards on your journey to success!


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