Did I Miss The Bitcoin Opportunity?

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Have you ever been asked... "Is Bitcoin Still A Good Investment?" or "Have I Missed My Opportunity With Bitcoin?"

The answer is: You have missed AN opportunity but not THE opportunity.

Let's Start By Looking At The Total Value Of The Stock Market, US Dollar, And Gold...
(Stick with me here...following numbers may be a bit boring but will provide you with a very valuable insight.)

Stock Market: $90 trillion globally

US Dollar: 1.5 trillion us dollars

Gold: $9.24 Trillion (@ 1650 oz X 5.6 billion troy ounces)

Now...Lets Imagine That Only 5% Of Money Moved From These Markets Into Bitcoin.
Stock Market: 5% of $90 Trillion = $4.5 Trillion

US Dollar: 5% of 1.5 Trillion = $75 Billion

Gold: 5% of 9.24 Trillion = $462 Billion

How Many Bitcoin Would 5% From Each Market Be Able To Buy???
(Lets Assume One Bitcoin is $10,000)

5% of Stock Market: $4.5 Trillion ÷ $10,000 = 450 Million Bitcoin ***(This is over 21 times the amount of bitcoin ever created)

5% of US Dollar: $75 Billion ÷ $10,000 = 7.5 Million ***(There are only 2.7 million Bitcoin left to be mined.)

5% of Gold: $462 Billion ÷ $10,000 = 46.2 Million Bitcoin. ***(This is more than Double the supply of Bitcoin will ever be!!!. Supply and demand says price would have to increase exponentially.

What Does This Mean???

  1. If 5% of value from any ONE of these marketstransferred into Bitcoin there would not be enough Bitcoin supply to meet demand.

  2. Imagine if 5% of all three markets values transferred into Bitcoin... That would purchase 503.7 Million Bitcoin! And Remember...there will only ever be 21 Million Bitcoin ever made.

The Price of Bitcoin would have to sky rocket!

Here is the math... 503.7 Million ÷ 2.1 Million = At least a 24 times higher increase in Bitcoin Price. So...$10,000 Bitcoin x 24 = $240,000 per Bitcoin!

  1. You may have missed the initial opportunity but the future potential growth is still massive!

Reasons Why Money Will Transfer From These Markets Into Bitcoin
Here is at least 1 good reason why money is likely to transfer away from each market into Bitcoin...

Stock Market:

Bitcoin serves the purpose of storing value, and being able to transfer it, outside of any government or third party control. Investors can see the potential value of this, especially if the business world ever lost trust in the US Dollar (like it did in 2008). Bitcoin is a hedge against a systematic breakdown of the perceived value of fiat currency. For example, if banks fail, or the United States cannot pay their financial debt obligations, Bitcoin would be a great way to work around a broken financial system. The stock market is all about investing in assets that can return profits, and Bitcoin has the potential of returning massive profits. It is not hard to envision 5% of the stock market value eventually shifting into Bitcoin.

US Dollar:

Simple Answer...Inflation. As more paper (or digital) dollars are created there is less buying power. Governments around the world are printing money at record rates and eventually this will lead to lower purchasing power for the average person. In addition, there may come a time when people will lose confidence that there money will have enough value to be useful for everyday purchases. Bitcoin provides a solution to this inflationary process. The economy looks great right now, but there will come a time in the future when it doesn't look so good. In such a scenario people will be looking for an alternative. Enter Bitcoin.


"Gold Bugs" have been consistently investing in gold for years. Many of them are waking up to the fact that Bitcoin offers many of the same potential safe haven qualities as gold, but with higher upside potential and no need for storage space. As a result, allocating some gold investment money into Bitcoin is becoming more popular among some gold buyers. As Bitcoin continues to prove itself as a secure store of value, more funds that were originally earmarked for gold are likely going to be shifted into Bitcoin.

You have not missed the Bitcoin opportunity. The numbers we talked about in this article represent a 5% transfer of money from these markets into Bitcoin and is not even discussing the potential of Mass adoption in society or Institutional Investing through ETF's that haven't even been given approval yet. In addition, we only focused on Bitcoin in this article, but there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies that represent further opportunity for financial gain!

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