The Top Seven Reasons I’m Buying Walton Chain (WTC)

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The Internet of Things, or IoT, is creating a new ecosystem that’s going to be connected with blockchain. Walton chain believes it’s going to usher in a new digital era, hence its name which is an acronym for Wisdom Alters Label Trade Organization and Network.

That’s a bit confusing. In short, it’s about combining RFID technology with the blockchain.

RFID technology was invented by scientist Charlie Walton in the 20th century. RFID technology can be used for everything from mobile payments to identification to retail to building highways. It plays a large role in a wide variety of applications.

According to this recent Forbes article, the RFID revolution is finally here.

Here’s the top seven reasons I’m buying Walton Chain:

  • (1) The team

The founder is Xu Fangcheng. He founded a men’s apparel company called Fujian Septwolves Industry, which is now worth $7.3 billion.

Others on the team include Chief Scientist Jie Xiji, a former VP at Samsung and Wei Jiesong, a blockchain engineer with stints at Google and Qualcomm.

In total, Walton Chain boasts a team of 40.

  • (2) Fujian Septwolves

Fangcheng’s company plans on being one of Walton Chain’s original clients. Their goal is to eliminate retail counterfeiting. If successful, it’s a solution the whole industry would seek out.

This is a competition hosted by Jinjiang City in the Fujian Province.

The winner gets not only 1.3 billion won (or $1.1 million USD), but a contract for their product with Jinjiang City.

  • (4) Haier

Walton Chain is in talks with Haier, a $29 billion consumer electronics company. Any contract with Haier would be huge.

  • (5) BESETO

According to Binance, Walton Chain is in talks with clothing company BESETO, a company worth $9 billion.

  • (6) Walton Chain is upgrading their website

NEO did the same thing not too long ago, take a look at their chart.

  • (7) Walton Chain’s market cap is currently only $50 million. ‘Nuff said.

When you put all these seven reasons together you can clearly see there’s a lot of potential in Walton Chain (WTC).

It's enough for me to dip my toes. I picked up some WTC today.

What do you think of WTC and RFID technology?

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Correction: Xu Fangcheng was the Director of Supply Chain Management at Fujian Septwolves, not the founder.

Let me add another reason. Only 100,000,000 Max Supply.


A good one, I'll add it to my list. Thanks!

GoBinance Binance_COIN tweeted @ 02 Sep 2017 - 13:22 UTC

"Waltonchain visits Beseto clothing company, which has 8.9 billion USD annual revenue"… $WTC……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Yes, good find @twitterbot

Walton just released beta version of their wallet. Very excited to see how that turns out.

Where did you buy it?


At 0.000474 BTC and full disclosure I have a bid in at a lower price. With all the news volatility no point in buying all at once. One more FUD story and you can get a 25% discount.

I've been reading a lot about WTC and have been wanting to buy some, but I haven't since it's only on Binance (and some other small one). Binance is probably okay, but to be honest I am not quite so comfortable with a coin that I can only trade and store on one exchange, which just so happens to be a Chinese one. I love China but do not think they have my best interest at heart per se.

If I buy WTC, is there a wallet to which I can send it? Or is it an ERC20 token? If it were on Bittrex I would've picked some up long ago, but Bittrex is terrible at adding interesting coins lately. Missed out on plenty of things already.


Binance is great. Not sure about a wallet yet but I think it was before end of the year. It is an ERC20 token so you could tfr to myetherwallet.

Anyways, with a coin like WTC and the risks you mentioned I only invest an amount I'm willing to lose 100%. So if Binance gets taken down and my coins confiscated, it'll suck, but life goes on and I can still pay the rent lol.


Good plan, but as I'd have to sell my other crypto for it.. I just can't! Maybe if I earn enough on Steemit, I will!
Really hoping and waiting for proper Decentralized Exchanges though.. I'll be using them asap.


No worries you can't buy everything... although I wish I could.
I'm looking forward to a proper decentralized exchange too!


If only my Stratis would go to the moon already.. then I could! I would feel okay selling my Stratis for WTC, if I had made some profits on it!


yeah, same here!

Looks great! I just opened a Binance account, so I'll have to pick some up!Thanks you


Very nice. Just we aware Binance is a Chinese exchange. Still rumblings that they might shut down exchanges. So make sure once you buy coins to move to a private wallet. WTC an ERC20 token you can store on myetherwallet. IT's a custom token so follow these instructions -

Excellent post thanks for sharing!!!


Your welcome!

I'm going to take a look :)


U be a stackin some BTC w this investment ;-p

i think this is great coin that i may invest in
in the future


Worth a small spec definitely. Interested to see how they do in the Jinjiang competition and if they can get a major partnership or two going.

It might worth it, i think i can buy some with my steemit :D I'll read more about it, thank you for info, i upvoted ;)


Thanks for the upvote!

I say keep your Steem and use that toilet paper called fiat to buy WTC ;-p

i cant login to binance right now


That's odd, I'm in right now.

I keep 90%+ of my crypto in cold storage. Can't wait for Binance to go decentralized or OpenLedger to get some liquidity. Until then plan for the worst.

Looks great! I just opened a Binance account, so I'll have to pick some up!


Nice. I really like Binance since I started using it. Like its coin BNB too.

Thanks @g-dubs for this information. I will definitely keep my eye on this one as time progress. While I agree block chain technology is the future, it's so many coins entering and exiting the markets on a day to day basis.



Your welcome. I agree the amount of coins is overwhelming. But from all these seeds great trees will grow (but of course most won't make it).

"He founded a men’s apparel company called Fujian Septwolves Industry, which is now worth $7.3 billion."

Are you sure?

What makes you think Xu Fangcheng founded said company?


I checked my notes and that was from a post on the Walton reddit, but I did some more digging and see that he was a Director at Fujian Septwolves.
Thanks for the alert, I'll make a correction if I still can.

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Doing research on all the alts on Binance and my research brought me to your steemit article.
Thanks for your time and I'll be sure to have it on my watch list. I've dropped my binance link if anyone needs a referral link.