Still Liking Bancor Protocol (BNT), What’s New

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

The Bancor network is a decentralized liquidity network. It allows you to hold any Ethereum token and covert it to any other token in the network with no counter party, at an automatically calculated price, using a simple web wallet.

I’ve written in the past about its background and how to use Bancor.

And recently I wrote about that rare thing Bancor has that not all crypto projects do, a working product.

Today we’ll see what’s new and I’ll share some info on why it might see rapid growth during the rest of the year.

What’s new is that Bancor is up to 54 tokens, adding a dozen tokens in two weeks. That’s nearly a token a day. Overall volume looks to be about $24 million a week now. Off the high, but still good.

There’s a few reasons why it could continue to rapidly grow in 2018 in addition to adding new tokens.

One is their collaboration with, the creators of EOS. In the partnership EOS will integrate the Bancor Protocol as part of its launch in June. EOS is supposed to launch with 1,000 dApps. It will be interesting to see how many tokens will be on EOS, and then how many will integrate with Bancor. At the very least it will provide another avenue of growth for Bancor.

Bancor is also partners with NEO. And NEO has more and more tokens coming out via ICO. It would certainly be interesting if they implemented the Bancor Protocol, but to date I haven’t heard anything in that regard.

There’s also Bancor’s partnership with Status, the WeChat for Ethereum. Status is currently in security testing which means it’s getting ever closer to releasing its beta. That could bring a whole new set of users to the Bancor Protocol.

Despite the interesting developments, the price languishes.

Coming up soon...

QRX and Swytch will both be integrating with Bancor soon. And XinFin is integrating Bancor into its platform.

What’s your thoughts on the Bancor Protocol?

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Bancor is certainly a good project to look out for. It'll aid liquidity to a certain extent.


Yes, a lot of opportunity in the long tail.

Bancor $BNT tokens have been getting no love at all. Stox, Kick and Enjin Coins will be using the Bancor Protocol. Let's wait and see!


The whole crypto market getting no love right now. Good time to accumulate and be patient.

Bancor protocol works with any ERC20 token. The liquidity comes from a Smart Token Relay which holds DAI and BNT, enabling conversion between them using the Bancor formula which assures liquidity at a market-driven conversion rate.


Spot on

Awesome post! I think they are positioned well for growth ahead. I like the strategic partnerships with guys an NEO and my love child EOS. Good things are coming for sure!


Yea I'm looking forward to EOS. Go Dan!

Excellent your post Thanks for sharing



Thanks KS for the information

Bancor is a project to take seriuosly. It sounds to have a good future.


I like their future too!

excellent your post Thanks for sharing



Very useful article .
Thanks @g-dubs



When plane?

Thanks for introducing this Bancor Protocol. Your writing is always useful.



I like bancor as well, so underrated in my opinion. Right now the price at around $4 usd is not what it is worth, I think if the bancor protocol continues to update and add more tokens and coins, in my opinion it is a token worth $100 or more. Let us also not forget that what they raised during their ICO, it was one of the most successful ever. I cannot say what that's worth but it has to mean something. I will use the bancor network more in the future and definitely will keep looking out to see if they can grow or not.


I'd be interested to know how much BNT is locked up as a reserve and how much ETH they still have. The ETH alone would be worth around $300m now.

Thanks for the updates my friend



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