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WARNING: HIGH-RISK INVESTMENT PROGRAMS though TESTED and PROVEN PAYING, Earning #BTC for free is always a great thing!

At this point if time #Bitcoin has reached the stable $7,000 resistance mark I can only guess that this is just the start to truly rise its USD value this December 2018.

#JustLike #btconline #BTCpool
Earn 0.0001 BTC per day and get 10% referral commissions from your affiliates doing upgrades sooner or later for sure.


Do not sign up if you are not willing to invest at least 0.0035 BTC.
Will let you earn 0.00016 BTC per day everyday. Tested & Proven Paying BTC cloud mining business.
Sign up here and check how Bitcoin mining goes. Your account will start mining though you can ONLY WITHDRAW AFTER making a deposit.


At this point, I have seen withdrawals from the site by my real trusted friends.

I am still waiting to mine more BTC before I withdraw my first ever cash out here.

I also have joined this cloudmining investment program that now let me earned 0.009++ BTC. Minimum to withdraw is 0.006 BTC.

If I reach 0.01 BTC earnings. I'll probably invest the minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC.


Screenshot taken from my account earnings on the site

Here is the minimum investment:


More updates.
#nexusmine already stopped paying. It reached up to 41 days.
From 0.002 BTC Investment I got 0.006 BTC including commissions since its first day being launched.

I started to add #NANO #TRX to my #HODL list

Exchanged 20,000 #Doge that I HODL back to fiat when it reached 0.20 Php from a super stable 0.13 Php yesterday. Profits of almost 50%

Gained all these Doge coins from my fave doge miner.

Signed up with BTCalpha exchanger.

My main earning program that world leaders will soon visit the Philippines


Has already earned 0.002 BTC in just 14 days of the Investment of 0.01 BTC.

Source: screenshot of my finance page showing to my active downline my daily earnings. I got 0.0008 BTC from his 0.01 BTC Investment.

He was now positioned to be on my left leg to be gaining an AUTOMATIC pairing bonuses for every sign up in the Philippines. This is the benefit of being one of the first here.
There is another Filipino leader aside from me.

Thank you for reading my crypto activity updates to make this my own reference of the real paying sites I'm currently earning with.

Proud member of @steemitpowerupph @steemitfamilyph

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