Charlie Shrem Interviewed on National Radio About UASF, UAHF, and Jaxx

in bitcoin •  last year

As you may be aware, I'm the host of a nationally syndicated talk radio show (heard on over 170 stations) called "Free Talk Live". A couple of weeks ago we had @charlieshrem on-air with us to discuss UASF, UAHF and the Jaxx security hullabaloo.

Download or stream it from:

Here's a cool cartoon of him courtesy Coin Telegraph:

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Does he mentioning steem or when steem will be added to Jaxx wallet?

Awesome, glad I found this!

We appreciate you here on steemit @ftlian - keep on building freedom brother!


Thank you. Please do share and follow. More cool news from New Hampshire to come.



That is one pretty cool cartoon.
When I'll get on my laptop I'll be sure to listen to the interview

The art work is epic...highlight of the post

Not every hippy will ask you to apply a sunscreen to his kid! He must've got a lot of respect!)
Loved the podcast. Waiting for some more!)


No need to wait, @yaan. We have archives going back for over a decade that you can download for free at

Or, in less than an hour, at 7:06pm Eastern we're live for another three hours at and dozens of radio affiliates and international Free-to-Air satellite via http://LRN.FM


Oh so i can go there and listen a podcast as a background anytime, nice! Thanks i'll check it out later!)

This is a great post, I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing and keep on posting ;)


Certainly! Another one coming today, hopefully.

great i found this

that's great bro.

nice creation :) keep your great job ! :)

I will listen it now.. and the cartoon art is pretty nice

Nice to know that no one has lost funds on Jaxx due to security issues.

We work for people those who have lost all the in natural storms for them we want steem supports from you. ..


Love the Artwork....Very cool....