Should bitcoin be banned, regulated or observed? Indian govt. asking its citizens what to do

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If you haven’t been following bitcoin news in India, here’s a quick summary of what has happened this year: an Indian politician has attempted to ban bitcoin claiming it was illegal, leading to several media reports confirming it. Indian exchange Zebpay had to step in to claim that bitcoin, according to the country’s laws, is not an illegal currency.

The bitcoin community then created a petition that got over 14.000 votes, but was 500 short of its goal. The Indian government then seriously started considering the possibility of legalizing virtual currencies in the country.

Now the government, through its portal, decided to ask its citizens what to do regarding bitcoin: and virtual currencies: whether to ban, regulate, or merely observe them.

So far, most comments have been positive, it seems.

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Here is to hoping that India allows cryptocurrency in! I believe it could be a major opportunity!

I will share to help raise awareness.

Good Info! @frsvp


Thanks :)

Well if the indian population understand the benefits of having cryptocurrencies then they will vote supporting bitcoin, I hope many other countries join this movement, Mr Rotschild its not gonna be happy, Upvoted. Follow me @luishurtado39

The war on the coin continues!

A government asked it's people what to do?
That's a relief! Of course, with the ever impending decline in the literacy of the plebiscite, it could quickly turn into a bad thing. What amazing times we find ourselves in!