"Regulation Would Solve Bitcoin Volatility"

in bitcoin •  9 months ago


This dude, Bart Chilton, the former CFTC Commissioner said that Bitcoin will have to be regulated because that would solve the Bitcoin volatility.

What a bunch of crap. Bitcoin is rising due to demand by a somewhat non manipulated market. We are not used to free markets in this world, so that is a very good thing.

Regualation would make it harder for people to access Bitcoin if nothing else.

Chilton is a socialist, he worked for both the Clinton and Obama administrations and asked the former President Obama to launch "some sort of regulatory framework to oversee cryptocurrencies".



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Regulation has some good sides to it too though, it legitimizes bitcoin to the massses.


Just like China just did? That would only serve to benefit the big boys. Investment houses and banks are running scared. Let's leave 'em that way!

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Of course they do... then they can control it. I'm for leaving it unregulated and de-centralized! Governments only get in the way of the economy... just look at all the regulations in the world, and where it has led us -- the big boys are winning and we are losing. More regulations = more benefit for the 1%.