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I see the Bitcoin market cap is up over 42%. My question is why? Isn't there a big push now to separate Bitcoin from the alts so that Bitcoin won't effect them so much? If so, why is the market cap up? People are running to Bitcoin not from it. Or at least they're running from their coins which increases BTC market cap. And don't we always hear that the latest and greatest ERC20 coin is gonna cause the flippening? Yet over 42%.

I really don't say much on the Bitcoin lines but this is very interesting to me. As soon as the waters get a little rough where do people run? Right back to Bitcoin (or, again, away from their coins). And on the other hand - when there's a noticeable fall in price; you know, all of 2018 so far, some get scared they're going to lose their shirt and sell - and lose their shirt!

Some scream MANIPULATION! I got news for these people - there's always manipulation. If there's big money involved, there's manipulation. That's the way the world works. It will even out in the future. How far in the future? I have no idea but it will even out as bitcoins are dispersed throughout the population and a new currency is born.

My whole point of this is few fold: First: it's utterly fascinating to watch the whiny frenzy on YouTube (and other places on the Web). Two: this shows how many don't understand anything about what Bitcoin is all about (and no I'm not going to explain it here). Three: I'm actually wanting it to crash harder so we can bottom out and begin another bull market. That's right, I actually am disappointed when the price starts to meander up again! I'm losing money too but this needs to happen, and it will - then watch out. What you're seeing now is nothing. Just wait.

I see a bright future for Bitcoin as do those who truly get what it means. This is just a necessary correction and, as far as my investment, I'm still up in profit (for now) but that's not what I got into Bitcoin for. I saw the big picture and I think it rather important for us all. It won't happen overnight. So be like me; sit back and watch the frenzy - it's very entertaining!

Note: The only reason someone freaks-out about investment is from not understanding what is happening and/or they're overextended. Don't be this person.

Anyway, just wanted to say something about it.


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Inspirational. I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.


Thanks. I agree with you.

Great article! I found it interesting.

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