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A friendly word of advice. If you want succeed on I suggest you stop spamming. You still have a chance to delete all those comments, and/or go back and apologize to the people you spammed.


Also the introduceyourself tag should only be used once. I see you have posted the same post 4 times using the same tag. It may work for you in the short run but in the long run people will become wise to you and either stop following you and/or just straight up flag you.

If you are an e-commerce expert then I sure you have more interesting things to bring to the community than just spam. If youre a marketing expert then maybe you should change jobs because spamming isn't a very good marketing strategy on Good luck.
Any questions feel free to ask.


It shouldn't be bad to get some followers and some attention before start posting. If that's such a huge thing, I'm sorry for using steemit. In the world of entrepreneurship, it's called hustling. I'm not trying to sell something and neither am I trying to scam people, I'm just trying to put myself out there before investing tons of time writing valuable posts. I did my research and saw hundreds of posts getting seen by less than 10 people and getting upvotes for less than a $ while other useless posts are getting seen by thousands with upvotes for over hundreds of $ and why? Because nobody knows about those people. No offense but there is a reason why I run multiple businesses and you spend your time writing people who "spammed to get known on a new platform they are on", I love using steemit but if I would need to spend months or years to get a bit $ for sharing valuable content it would just not work so that's why I'm trying to speed up the process. So you tell me do you really think this is such a huge offense? Oh and if you still say yes, then I would really appreciate if you could tell me why you don't stop those people who are making $20,000 by taking advantage of steemit? ->

This isn't Facebook. It isn't typical social media either. Steemit does not work like those sites. Those large dollar amounts are given because the whales with that large amount of the daily voting power have decided to support that particular content. They've already been sold that "product" in a sense.

Each day so much STEEM is available to give out, and the more Steem Power an account has the more of that STEEM they can give. You knew all of this already though, right? I am just not sure you understand how this place works based on what you've been doing so far. You're trying too hard or misunderstanding how the place works.

There are two main strategies on here to get large payouts. One is to get into the whale's circles and be noticed by one who'll pick you up and support you. Some people complain that it is a big "circle jerk" so to speak. Then the other strategy is to produce really good content that is in demand, and then get thousands of followers. Those thousands of followers' pennies add up.

This isn't a place to sell anything though. That type of content doesn't work well here from what I've seen. If people want to sell a service or a product, they have to do it indirectly. For example, I do residential security work and private investigation, but I never directly try to sell my services here. Instead, I'm sharing my knowledge with people to help them better secure their homes.

Please don't take this as me being an ass either. I'm genuinely trying to help. What is your objective here? I see you've changed gears a bit and have been posting more travel and fun stuff. One post even had 80+ dollars as a payout. I'll have to go back to that one to see what made it different. You know already though.

I look through every single day pretty much to see who has followed, unfollowed, and muted me. Today I saw that you followed me recently. That's how I found you. When I saw the most recent content, I was intrigued and very interested to find out more. Then I saw the marketing content, and I was turned off by it.

You sound like you have a ton of valuable information to share, and it is information that would be very valuable and helpful. I could directly benefit from your knowledge for example since I have a business of my own to market. You have to build a following slowly though and by engaging people properly (without spamming).

Come into the chat channels on for example to get to know people. Start with shorter tip posts perhaps. Check out @stackin for an example of a person with a similar skill set to yours, and see how he's managed his account here. He has been very successful so far. For a good example of the pennies adding strategy, check out @hilarski's channel. He has quality content but no real whales supporting him on a regular basis. His payouts though are not too shabby...

Again, I hope this doesn't piss you off. You have quality content and good knowledge to share, and Steemit needs people like you. The etiquette here can be a little tricky for new people though. I'm hoping this post will help you be less frustrated over it too. haha Good luck!

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