Why wouldn't it be boss?

They take our money, make a shit load of money on Bitcoin gains, and then pay us an average of 0.50% daily interest in return.

The only way to make more money than just investing directly into Bitcoin yourself is through their referral program, where if you're good, you could make mad money! 💰

Yes I know. But I don't think the main promotion should be the referral program. I think you should always take a close look at the program itself for regular people/investors.

Yeah, but like I said, you could make a whole lot more money investing directly into Bitcoin.

I understand why it looks and feels sketchy.. but it would be the dumbest thing for them to set up a system that is a massive earning Machine and when the machine is running smoothly and pulling in a decent amount of money in one day why would they shut down that machine to just steal that amount of money right there when they can make that amount of money right there every single day for the rest of the existence with this machine is running.
Why run away with a mill or two when you can let it work and make millions per year? That would be the best idea of the two... IMO...
But who knows, they could be happy with only getting 0.25% of what they would earn by letting it run. They could be "nice" scammers, and dont want to hurt our wallets.... but i find that More difficult to believe than bitconnect being 1000% legit. :)

I did enjoy your post tho so thank you for sharing it!
I will follow and up vote, to see if you change your mind of being Comfortable with Bitconnect :)

Hey thanks and welcome. I am comfortable just not 100% :)

Yeah being 100% comfortable is hard lol
But id say im a good 99.9%

Very good video . Follow me for more upvotes and upvote me

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