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Sentinel Chain or SENC will have their token sale in March 2018. SENC basis is a marketplace utilizing the blockchain to provide affordable and secure financial services to the unbanked. SENC will have 6 major functions per their "Features."

1: INSURANCE For insurance companies to publish livestock insurance on CrossPay Blockchain, based on verifiable livestock assets on CrossPay Blockchain.

2: LOANS For local financing companies to publish loan agreements on CrossPay Blockchain, hedged on livestock collateral.

3: COLLATERAL For local financing companies to use as collateral to borrow from overseas financing companies.

4: CROWDFUNDING For overseas peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platforms to use the service of Sentinel Chain to provide financing for local financing companies.

5: COMMUNITY PROJECTS For overseas donors to use the service of Sentinel Chain to fund the local community projects like humanitarian aid or disaster relief.

6: E-PAYMENTS For token holders to use the service of CrossPay Blockchain to make electronic payments with local merchants.

SENC also has a mobile App called CrossPay. Per their website:

The CrossPay Mobile application is a simple mobile interface built for Android. Specifically designed for the unbanked, it is ideal for use in pockets of local ecosystems.

◉ Not Just a wallet ◉ Identity for the Unbanked ◉ Asset tracking for the Unbanked ◉ Financial services for the Unbanked

This is their current timeline:

Execution & RoadMap

Q3 2017 Stage 1 Early Supporters Sale

Signed an MOU with Maybank to collaborate on financial inclusion technology projects in the ASEAN region

Q4 2017 Stage 2 CrossPay Blockchain trial with TS Group for migrant workers dormitory in Singapore

Signed an MOU for CrossPay partnership with CloudWell Ltd. -the national payment provider to Milk Vita (Bangladesh Milk Producer's Co-Operative Union Ltd)

Q1 2018 Stage 3 JAN: Pre-Sale begins

FEB: Token Sale Whitelist Registration Pre-Sale ends

MAR: Public Token Sale

Q2 2018 Stage 4 SENC to be listed and traded on various token exchanges

Beta testing of Sentinel Chain

Q4 2018 Stage 5 CrossPay will go live in the first unbanked market

Q1 2019 Stage 6 Sentinel Chain code review and audit

Sentinel Chain v1.0 will go live

Onboarding of the first financial service provider partner

Q2 2019 Stage 7 Integration of Sentinel Chain to CrossPay

Integration of financial service provider to Sentinel Chain

Q3 2019 Stage 8 End-to-end testing of Sentinel Chain

Q4 2019 Stage 9 Sentinel Chain v2.0 will go live

So Q1 of 2019 is when we will expect SENC to go live. SENC also has an ALL STAR team in my books. The members all have a great deal of experience and diversity in a magnitude of things such as blockchian, finance, business, and etc. Look up their LINKEDIN.

As you can see, what SENC is trying to achieve will be important because there are more then 2 billion people that are living in the unbanked. This will definitely have a major impact especially by utilizing the blockchain and literally "connecting" the world together.

You can find more information on their website:

Please make sure you check the links as there are many phishers out there. STAY SAFE and good luck! fobby888

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