Trading View ( BTC ) - WEEK 36 #3 | its not over ...

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hello steem ppls,

BitCoin (BTC) - USD | week 36 | #3

BTC / USD 15 min


scene ~1.:

BTC climbes back to week HIGHts ~4.700.
if so, BTC has quite good chances to reach all Time High.

Trigger ( 1h bar - close!): BTC-Price +4.700

BUY at ~4.720 with tight STOP
CLOSE 4980/5020

possible profit ~ 280pt | (suggest) max risk ~90pt

scene ~2.(prefered).:

BTC starts a second selloff of about ~800 points, followed by a strong buy back, at target support area 3.880 - 3.950.

Trigger : newer 1h hights, lower then 4.600 will force pressure. proceed in time.

SELL at + 4.600 with STOP at ~4.720
CLOSE - 3.990

possible profit 610pt | max risk 120pt

BTC / USD (1d)


scene.2 would fit perfectly targeting lower bollinger bands

i hope this was useful to you. trading crypto is risky
if though iam happy about every upvote and follower!

-trading view series are steem exclusive

->re.steem tradingview series

~| fluffy.blockchain

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btc ist still quite strong >0)

this was ahard week to trade.
its ok, bitcoin missed target area only 100pt