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An independent reporter films a video live from a supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela. Shelves appear fully stocked with all the products we are used to buying like craft beers, pet food and a whole variety of meat, yoghurt and cheeses. The CNN. BCC etc would have you believe the shelves are empty!


The real problem is the cost of food not shortages

The reporter is unable to use his foreign credit card and is forced to pay in cash with dollars. What it does highlight is the real problem that their currency is being inflated and the people’s wages are not matching these increases. Making a currency invaluable like it is in Venezuela means that the people are being priced out of their lives and cannot afford to buy the products they need.

I have chatted to many Venezuelan friends throughout South America working in other countries to feed their families. A lot of them are being forced to convert their foreign currency into Bitcoin for their families to then convert back into Bolivianos. This is because all foreign currencies are banned in Venezuela. This is why you see reports of families sending money and food back home, not because there is a lack of it but because it's too expensive there.

Believe everything you watch on the six o’clock news?

If we continue to believe what is presented to us by the lamestream media then the governments of EU countries, USA and Canada may get what they are pushing for...WAR!

Most people I know are against another Iraq or Syria through intervention but the people will be easily sold on the idea by believing this type of fake news!

How great that we can have independent reporters on the ground all over the world who are telling us as it is!

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I have friends on the ground there, and they just need money for the food. A McD's hamburger costs $4 U$D so it is even expensive compared to the US market. I mean those little 56 gram McD's burgers... $4

The key is to find out why they are lying their asses off, what is the agenda?

@flowingman have you been to Caracas? I'm venezuelan and have family there...I can assure you that the supermarkets are almost empty and for the locals buying food is TOO expensive. Have you heard about all the venezuelans walking to other countries just to try have a better or normal life....

Agree, people are being priced out of their lives due to inflation. That's why I mentioned my friends from Venezuela working in other countries to send money back. It doesn't excuse CNNs reporting :(. Take care buddy, one day we will all be using bitcoin and fiat will be a thing of the past!

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