Flote.app acquires Bitbacker.io!

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Our team is excited to announce that we have entered an agreement to acquire Bitbacker! Bitbacker, an alternative to Patreon that utilizes cryptocurrency payments, has been leading the charge since it was created last year as an outlet for fans to support creators directly, circumventing the often confusing and heavy-handed censorship policies employed by many mainstream platforms. If you have been paying attention to the news or using social media lately, restrictions of the free-flow of speech online has been escalating at an unprecedented rate. The rules concerning what is “acceptable content” seem to change on a whim, culminating in creators being stripped of ad revenue, or even blindsided by bans or suspensions, effectively destroying their ability to receive proper compensation for their hard work. This undermines the benefits given to us by the internet as a conduit for the voluntary exchange of information.

Bitbacker’s platform enables content creators to better engage with their communities by providing subscription and tipping services. We at Flote stand behind Bitbacker’s values concerning censorship-resistance and the future of cryptocurrency. Our Boost VC backed social-media platform will work synergistically with Bitbacker’s technology in providing premier services for all content-creators and their fans alike. We believe that this acquisition will be a monumental step forward in creating an ecosystem that values and rewards creativity in all forms.

“Our company really took off when launching in 2018, and we’re looking forward to a full integration into Flote’s ecosystem when they launch”, said Jonathan Hales, Co-Founder of Bitbacker. “It’s clear that content creators are in need of a censorship-resistant platform now more than ever.”

Flote and Bitbacker will work together to maintain the website and support the Bitbacker community until a full migration occurs in the coming months after Flote goes live. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this! Cheers to a future where ideas flow freely, where those who create may do so without fear.

More of the specifics of the deal will be released upon final closing. For additional information please reach out to Erin Nakamoto at [email protected]


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So excited about this :)

Very cool! I’d love to see something like this integrated with Steem blogs and independent websites!

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