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in bitcoin •  last year

There's some events happening on august 27 that i am looking forward in no particular order:

1.The upgrades in Gemini exchange: At this moment gemini.com is doing a big upgrade in their exchange webpage in their announcement the did not offer a lot of details but this was plan for a long time. This cut be significant because if becouse they may add new currencies to the exchange and that cut pump the price of this coins. Here's a link of the announcement

2.The addition of DIMCOIN to Poloniex: DIMCOIN is a currency on NEM protocol and is
schedule to start trading on august 27 in some of the major exchanges

3.The end of the stellar lumens program: Also tomorrow is the last day of the stellar program or stellar giveaway for bitcoin holders. This cut help raise the price of the stellar coin in the near future maybe get close to the price Ripple

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