📉Bitcoin Crash February 2018 & Strategy with BTC income (everything will be OK!)

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I am very happy mining Bitcoins with Hashflare https://hashflare.io/r/83B32662-mine-2018 . As you know the prices of Bitcoin as down at the moment. They are like $8000, it's horrendous. But I am not worried because there are real valuable projects behind most of the crypto coins and they are providing value to companies and people around the world so that cannot just be erased. With the recent news there have been a lot of emotional reactions that have taken the price of Bitcoin down, way down but I am not personally worried because it is an opportunity to enter and buy alt coins or more Bitcoin.


In my case, since I have earnings from mining in Bitcoin, I take those Bitcoins and divide them into Ethereum and Litecoin in this case today. I wanted to show you about my strategy.

DTube Video:

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The strategy from this video is starting to work:

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From $400 to $475 in one day.

I divided my $400 into Ethereum and Litecoin and I used to have only $200 on each per my last video in this part where you can see. Now it's $475.

Of course this amount can go down or up but this is fun part. I bought it at a very low price. It is still low and the low prices in Bitcoin and alternative crypto coins is a very good opportunity.

I still believe in crypto mining and I am happy doing it with Hashflare.