Bitcoin price after crash of 4 days

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Last four days we are seeing a big crash of bitcoin fall as $1100, after the four days we see some market green because the day 1 in the fourth day is going green, as the great fall of bitcoin on 4 September BTC fall $7402 to $6683, the next day repeat the same pattern as some time take resistance again fall to $6258.
on 8-9-18 in the morning BTC is going up to $6500 but at night again crash at $6110, on 9 September we see again the D1 candle is green and now Bitcoin prince is up on the Binance $6440, it is the good sign to make recovering and going to up, But the market cap is still going down today is market cap 198.98 Billion dollar.

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now btc is on $6550 we hope good bounce up in oct