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BitShares is a software company which works on a number of financial solutions built
on a Blockchain, including decentralized asset exchanges, banking, project funding,
and others. It has its own cryptocurrency token, BTS, which is used to power its
BitShares (formerly BitShares X) is a currency whose primary purpose is to facilitate the
foundation and growth of decentralized autonomous companies (DACs). Built to follow
Bitcoin’s ethos, the currency however uses so-called ‘delegated proof-of-stake’ as its
consensus mechanism.


The BitShares Details
Before we get into the details of the platform, and why it has such incredible potential,
lets put this out there first:

Each layer has its own unique function, and benefits to the users of that layer. For any
of us to enjoy the benefits of the BitShares platform, we do not need to use - or even
understand - all the layers. You can pick and choose what layers speak to you and
apply to your individual wants and needs. There are far too many layers for us to cover
them all right now, but I would like to discuss the core groundbreaking feature that
got me excited enough to invest - BitAssets.

BitShares has successfully managed to peg its currency, BitAssets, to traditional stores
of value through a wide range of digital tokens representing these assets. In effect,
this has eliminated the price volatility that we are used to as running rampant in the
cryptosphere. For example, I am able to invest in bitGold and know that it will always trade near par value for gold on any exchange. This is something that we have not
seen on this scale before in the cryptosphere. The result is unparalleled stability that
enables us to HODL during periods of volatility that were seen in earlier
cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.