WIN 1000 TRX by predicting the price of NEO

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The cryptocurrency NEO(NEO/USD) settled at 24.39 USD at 6:00 AM UTC at the Bitfinex exchange on Wednesday, September 5. Will NEO/USD trade above 27 USD before September 20th 6:00 UTC?

Please answer YES or NO for this question to be eligible for the competition and upvote this post.
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*Terms and conditions for the contest

Winners for the Bitcoin price contest will be announced on our telegram group.

Participants should comment and upvote this post.

Participants should join telegram.

A minimum number of participants should be 100 for a valid contest.

There will be only one winner depending on accuracy.

Participants with the same accuracy will be decided depending on the number of shares or referrals on social media.

They can send their URLs of sharing to [email protected] after winning.

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