Bitmain, Argo: crypto mining is taking over the regulated IPO scene

in bitcoin •  last year 

The peripheral markets of cryptocurrency, especially miners, have eyes on regulated IPOs rather than ICOs.

The hot summer of 2018 won't be remembered as a successful one for the ICO market. While new-gen fundraising has plummeted in the last couple of months, some crypto companies have their eyes on mainstream finance.

Nothing to do about decentralisation, distributed computing or other futurist innovation: we're talking about the peripheral crypto-market. The cool (and super risky) stuff sticks to the good old ICO, but miners, exchanges and less disruptive companies have their eyes on regulated marketplaces.

Let's focus on two notable events: Argo mining going public on the London Stock Exchange and Bitmain's mind-boggling pre-IPO plans.

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