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RE: South Korean Petition Against Crypto Regulation Gets 200K Signatures, Government Must Respond

in #bitcoin7 years ago

Out of this world post @zer0hedge ! Cryptos are the present and the future my Friends! Stay the course! I'm also a HUGE believer in STEEM! I love STEEM and the STEEMIT COMMUNITY! It is going to be a PHENOMENAL year for STEEM and the STEEMIT COMMUNITY! Thank you VERY much @zer0hedge for awakening the masses and providing such outstanding material! Please keep in touch! Warm Wishes! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


Yeah bro I also love steem and steemit community because through this so many people can earn a huge amount and carry on their livelihood.

I couldn't agree more strongly my Friend! I also love how individuals are getting compensated for their creativity and sharing their knowledge. Steemit is truly the caring Social Network! All the best my Friends! :)

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