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Activity is always bustling at the Exodus office.

The last few releases were hectic times as new assets and features joined the Exodus wallet. This release was no exception. As we prepare for more exciting features and asset additions ahead, our developers suited up to battle the many challenges that negatively impacted the wallet today.

In this release, you’ll see squashed boss-bugs and UI/UX improvements for assets and features (few of which appeared recently). All of these issues were reported by our amazing community through Slack, email support, and social media. Thank you all for helping us to make the Exodus experience just that much better for everyone in the space.

Time to go into the full details of the 1.61.0 Exodus release!

The One That (Did Not) Go Away

During the last few weeks, there’s a pretty good chance you read this knowledge base article about a certain DASH P2P error message. The message was especially annoying since it couldn’t be closed and would appear even if you didn’t own any DASH!

Dash p2p error.gif

After upgrading to this release, that message should now vanish without a trace.

Good riddance.

What Goes Down Must Come Up

Have you ever went to the over-time portfolio chart, only to find negative numbers there that didn’t make sense at all? Thankfully, it didn’t leave a mess since we found that bug and made it go away.

Couldn’t Send It All? We Got You Covered

One of our recent additions, Tron (TRX), had an issue that involved a failed transfer whenever you sent an All transaction or exchange. Although a clunky solution, sending a smaller number than your total TRX balance usually fixed that problem.

Tron send all.gif

Now, we do the calculations behind-the-scenes for you, and all All TRX transactions and exchanges will go through with no issues whatsoever.

In Closing

We’ll be bunkering down again to prepare for the next Exodus release on October 12th. There are some exciting things coming up ahead; however, will they be in the upcoming release? Stay tuned on Steemit to find out!

As always, please stay safe in the crypto-world and protect your wealth. Any additional comments? We’d also love to hear from you on both Twitter and Facebook (and of course, here on Steemit!). Have an awesome two weeks everyone :D

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And for you cool Exodians who stayed till the end... 😉

Fun Fact:
The first computer bug occurred on September 9th, 1947 when a Harvard Mark II computer faced problems during a test. The cause of the problem? A trapped moth.


Up vote for EOS 😉

I think that you'll be thrilled to hear that EOS mainnet is officially in beta! Keep an eye out here for updates. =)

You guys should make a hardware wallet.

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That is an excellent suggestion! Most likely, third party hardware wallet integration would come before our own hardware wallet, but I will most certainly take note of your request!

3rd party would be dope too (:

I upvoted your post.

Cheers to you.

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Thank you so much for the support, Pinoy!

any comments on the ability(when) to manually add ERC tokens not listed in the others assets?

Hey Stu, that's definitely on our radar for feature additions, but if I may ask, which erc20 assets specifically are you the most interested in?

Cargo X(CXO) morpheus network(MRPH) and Odyssey(OCN) thanks!

We plan on adding many more assets and STEEM is most certainly on our radar! Keep an eye out here for updates. =)

are you going to add bitcoin diamond any sooner on exodus? :)

We have plans to add many more assets to Exodus! What is it that you like most about BTCD and where do you currently store and exchange it?

You guys include exchanging to fiat or at least to USDT or something else...