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Ken Nagahama, the manager of the sushi restaurant Numazuko Ginza (Numazuko Ginza), demonstrates the system for buying bitcoins in his restaurant in the center of Tokyo. The use of bitcoins is becoming more common in Japan, and numerous restaurants and shops accept payments in digital currency.

For a long time, the currency of geek enthusiasts, bitkoyne is becoming a mainstream in Asia, attracting "Ms. Watanabe" - a prototype of the Japanese housewife-investor, as well as Korean pensioners and thousands of other investors in the crypto currency, who are trying to escape the low profitability of their savings.

Small investors from Asia, already a regular investor in the stock and futures markets, were blinded by a 100% surge of bitcoins this year. For comparison, the highest growth rate in the Asian stock market reached 17% over the same period.

Bitcoin grew only in May by 60%, which was due to the entrance of investors from Japan and South Korea, while China experienced cooling after taking tough measures by the central bank earlier this year.

Due to the recognition of Japan as a legal tender in April, information from exchangers shows that interest in these two countries has increased significantly. Bitcoin traded with a premium in both countries in view of the strict anti-money laundering regulations, which make it very difficult to buy and sell bitkoyns.

Asia has become a fertile ground for bitkoyna because of the prosperous retail investment culture of the region, where information exchange about investment is widely spread. According to the CoinMarketCap rating, China, Japan and South Korea are home to several of the world's most trafficked currency exchange.

Bic Camera, one of the largest retail electronics retailers in the country, began taking bitcoins in two stores in Tokyo in May 2017. According to the Nikkei newspaper, the site of booking restaurants Gurunavi will also allow customers to pay bitcoins this year.

BITPoint Japan Co, works with Peach Aviation to allow travelers to use bitcoins to pay for tickets. It is planned to provide hundreds of thousands of Japanese retail outlets with the opportunity to accept the digital currency.

Some large exchanges, according to their websites, voluntarily took security measures and compensation guarantees, while dozens of small platforms operate more or less uncontrollably.


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