Probably best to ask them...

Jamie DImon calls Bitcoin a Fraud. He is soooo Full of Shit. Isn't Silver Market Manipulation a Fraud? The New York 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that District Court Judge Engelmayer was in error when he dismissed the Silver price rigging lawsuits against JP Morgan

JP Morgan has been very smart. With few words he pulled down the price of BTC to 2.900$, he bought a ton of BTC and now He has 1.100$ of added value per BTC. It was all a giant marketing move.

True there was a buy of BTC by a JPMorgan... however it could have been bought by an actual trader who works for JPMorgan on behalf of "someone" that wanted to buy. Not disagreeing... just saying that it might be misconstrued or news that is being taken out of context.

Well government want it to be regulated so they can tax it and control its value. However the point of it is its decentralized so no one govt can control it. Its a beautiful thing.

This is not about controlling the value, but about controlling the sheeple-people. With cryptos comes freedom, no government on earth wants that to happen actually...

And this is the big problem. Crypto needs to stay decentralized. I'm a nobb, but here:

Thanks to @avilsd

What is not regulated?

To make government richer, to control its power, to control the people.