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Free Roll

If you're looking for a free way to earn BTC, Nitrogen (a BTC sportsbook) is offering a free roll promotion. If you place a 4-leg parlay, WIN OR LOSE, they will match your bet up to 0.1 BTC in a Free Bet Promo.

If you are risk adverse, put in the parlay and then when Nitrogen awards your free bet, put it on something with a high win probability and cash out. Nice way to bet for free.

Remember, casino's typically offer these promos during big public fights in hopes that they will snag a lifetime degen, so only wager if you are disciplined with money or know you will just cash out. It's a simple marketing spend by the casino that an astute person can take advantage of.

Here is my Bet Slip

(caveat: I did much less research on the undercard, but it's a free roll!)
To enter, MAKE SURE you E-MAIL your bet slip to [email protected].

Official Rules:
Promotion Dates: August 25-27.

TO ENTER: tweet your betslip link to @NitrogenSports with #nitroMayMac or email it to [email protected].

Additional rules:

– Qualifying parlays must have at least four (4) legs on the MAYWEATHER vs. MCGREGOR event fights (main event + undercards) with a minimum risk of 0.01 BTC.

– 1 entry per promo (3 days, 1 entry max.)

– All free bets will be handed out within 48 hours.

– Entry deadline: Sunday, August 27 at 23:59 EST.


I don't understand, do I have to deposit, make a bet...and if I lose, I will just get my 0.1 BTC back?
Do i need to make more bets after this to withdraw? And what are overall withdrawal rules there, any verification, minimums?

Make a deposit, make a 4-leg parlay on the Mayweather-McGregor Card(up to 0.1 BTC), win or lose, Nitrogen credits you with your original parlay bet amount .

It is a Free BET, so you would need to make another bet. I have not encountered any withdrawal rules with Nitrogen. Though to be sure, just email them, they are a fairly responsive. Hope that helps.

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