“Gotta Collect Them All”....Steemians what coins are you Buying? What about Mining? Any Investment Strategies?steemCreated with Sketch.

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Hello Steemians.. It is that time to share your weekly investment strategy. What is everyone buying/selling? Post your top picks for the week...

Any Steemian mining a specific coin? What is your rig made up of? How many Gpu's are you running? What is your total hashing power....We would love to see pictures of your rig Steemians.

Steemians what are upcoming strategies and views of the market? Is your strategy to HODL or SODL? What is your prediction for the crypto currency market cap? According to Coinmarketcap.com the current market cap for the whole crypto industry is $90 Billion

The most important thing as a steemian is to help grow this platfrom. Everyones goal is to get 5 new people signed up to Steemit this week. Post on your other social media sites talking about Steemit. This is how we can grow this platform to over a 1,000,000,000+ users.

Please help find new Steemains and FOLLOW/RESTEEM/UPVOTE :)

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77 cent STEEM is SOOOOOOOO cheap!

STEEM president say keep buying STEEM

Looks like we are seeing a little red day today.... BTC is just holding over 7k and STEEM is at 90 cents :(


Buying $KCS, $ETH & STEEM.

Mining $XMR.

Hodling $GO.

Buidling BeachfrontCrypto.com