WARNING! Don't Deposit Bitcoin to your Skrill Wallet

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This is one of those gut feeling things you felt but ignored and in my case that was a $45 mistake! Yesterday i sent $45 from Coinbase to Skrill using BitPay and boy do i regret it!

Earlier on i had tried to transact $50 worth of bitcoins using skrill and it actually worked but on researching further on how to transfer large amounts of bitcoin i saw an article stating that skrill formerly known as moneybooker would lure me in with small transactions and when i do a huge transaction they would hold my cash. At first i was skeptical given my $50 went through.

Little did i know i was right where they needed me! So yesterday i tried withdrawing again and the transaction went into pending as usual so i went to watch an episode on TV as the transaction cleared and 1 hour later when i logged in to skrill i was shocked because the balance was still zero and the pending transaction had disappeared including the invoice ID!

Shock and panic ensued as it is with such an occasion and the next thing i found asking myself is what amount of evidence apart from a btc address on coinbase can prove that i sent funds to skrill so i went through my browser history and retrieved the url that i had used on bitpay to pay skrill and on it i retrieved all the info i needed.

I tried contacting Skrill without any luck and at the moment the balance is still zero. What is your experience using Skrill? Let me know in the comments.
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I opened a skrill account at the beginning of my journey in cryptocurrency, January this year. The reason for doing that was so that I could use it as an exit for cryptocurrency whenever there'll be need for me to do so. Now, that I'm reading this kind of thing about skrill, it's making me to think twice.
A couple of days ago, I wanted to upload bitcoins in skrill, the response I got was that I would need to do another verification. That just put me off. Probably, I would have been facing the same challenge today.

On Monday i will call them persistently until i get the cash after that i will go back to dealing with the local exchange guy i was using because if he screws me i will just knock on his do like this one morning...

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Skrill is a big company. I would persist and trying to make contact with them. I haven't have any problems with larger deposits than $100.

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I have been using Skrill for 5 years now and I had no problems. The only thing is that they are slowly increasing most of the fees, for example I used to pay 2.5 eu for bank withdrawal, then 3.5, now they suddenly changed to 5.5.. But transactions are very fast and I trust them.. Support is also responsive.