Bitcoin below $2,000 and STEEM below $1 what's NEXT!

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Life has been tough in the past couple weeks and to someone like me who gave up offline job and also stopped blogging to fully concentrate on cryptocurrency world because adsense wasn't paying enough nor was affiliate marketing paying me on time to clear my bills i have to say this has hit me hard!

I always knew that the day of reckoning would befall us the altcoin enthusiasts especially after that meteoric rise in April and may which saw some altcoins tripple in value but i never expected it to last this long.

Personally i haven't been at this game for long so when winter came to crypto world i was caught out and stranded but i will persevere, i have been in worse situations before and I'm hopeful this streak will end let's say September..

I was going to say August but we have Segwit and stuff and this may even worsen an already bad situation.

Currently this is how i feel being squeezed between a hard place and wall... 128 hours the movie...anybody? No? Okay off to bed then.


thanks for the post
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We're all feeling a bit like this at the minute! Hopefully things will look up after the bitcoin hardfork

Totally dude! I'm now complementing my income with some web design freelance gigs... I got 3 last week made a cool $960 to fix three consulting business wordpress sites.. Pretty standard stuff... Actually i just had my next article idea😁

thats great, r u into python btw

Life is all about getting through Tough Times......Hang in There BABY !!!

I believe things will be better after August.

The kitty is sad and I'm too! I guess it's just temporary :)

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