Bitcoin at $2600! I'm i Dreaming!!! Holy F**K!!

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

I just woke up expecting bitcoin to be around $1900 i was going to withdraw some btc today to cover some of my offline business expenses. Given the Recent behavior of cryptocurrency market i wasn't expecting much today.

I'm not used to being lucky and when i get lucky i feel like the Smithsonian should record it for future generations because it kind of never happens. Case in point, i bought Ethereum like a month or so ago for $360 a pop then it dropped to $328 and i started being hopeful it will climb only for it to drop to $280 and if that wasnt enough it dropped further to $245 and 48 hours after that dip things went further south and by the time i was contemplating cutting my losses the price was at $186!

So when i say today should be documented for the sake of history, i really mean it! Because on most occasions things dont really go my way.

Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good night to y'all



What a pleasant surprise right? HODL!

Yeah! I was planning on withdrawing everything but now i will just withdraw only what i need

So many people could of made a lot of money with the Fall of crypto in the past week! Now its rocketing again! Wish I had a few spare BTC when it crashed! GOD DAM!

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