Got the VIP membership for EngineeringRobo. What is next?

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Welcome to EngineeringRobo’s VIP Team! You made the best decision of 2020!

All the VIP members will get “Tradingview Easy Access Tool- Binance BTC Pair “ & “ Tradingview Easy Access Tool- Binance USDT Pair “ & “ Tradingview Easy Access Tool- Bittrex BTC Pair “ to increase their profitability .

With EngineeringRobo, No excuse to lose in any financial market anymore!

Success has nothing to do with listening to tips from other people or being lucky. You have to study and prepare yourself so that you can become successful on your own with your investing. So make yourself more knowledgeable. It isn’t easy at first, but it can be very rewarding. You can do it. Believe in your ability and your buddy — #EngineeringRobo .


How to get the maximize results possible from EngineeringRobo?

🔴Decide the coin on the exchange
🔴Pick 1M , Draw the Support & Resistance lines on USDT or BTC market
🔴Change the 1W, Draw the new Support & Resistance lines, Adjust the existing lines from 1M
🔴Open Money Flow, Moon & Hell ,EngineeringRobo’s Cloud indicators, These indicators tell you where to market is going in the next few months.
🔴On 1W Chart, Find out and draw Chart Patterns
🔴Change to 3D/1D
🔴Open Buy 1 & Sell 1, Buy 2 & Sell 2 , Buy 3 & Sell 3 , Super Buy & Super Sell indicators, EngineeringRobo’s Cloud indicators. These indicators tell you where to market is going in the next few weeks.
🔴Set your orders and Enjoy your profits 💰


How to get the maximize results possible from EngineeringRobo?

🔵Commodities : Use 1M Chart
🔵Stock Market ( S&P 500, Nasdaq, TSX, BIST ) and Forex : Use 1W Chart
🔵Crypto : Use 1W, 3D and 1D Chart
🔵Dont use more than 3 Robots or 5 Indicators at the same time
🔵Settings, Inputs, EngineeringRobo 2 , There is a Power, You can change from 2 to 1 , It will give you more signals
🔵Settings, Inputs, EngineeringRobo 1 , There is a MACD, You can change length from 9 to 6 , It will give you different signals
🔵Dont use below 3H candlestick on any crypto charts while using EngineeringRobo signals
🔵If you have a pro or higher membership at Tradingview, You can set alarms on EngineeringRobo signals.
🔵All 7 Robos have their own strengths and weaknesses , So you have to find out these strengths and weaknesses by testing them on the different markets.

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All your trades should end in one of four ways:

A small win,
A big win,
A small loss,
Or break even,

but never a big loss. If you can get rid of big losses you have a great chance of eventually trading success.Too many people do not know how to apply money management techniques. They have no discipline, no plan. Many also overstay when the market goes against them , and wont limit their losses!

Discover best opportunities to maximize your profit with EngineeringRobo!


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