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No one has a crystal ball for the financial markets, but what we do have to look at is history. Although past performance does not guarantee future results, when it comes to see EngineeringRobo’s signals, history shows some alarming parallels.

If you asked 10 people about their strategy you will find one trader among each 10 people. 9 out of each 10 people become traders then end up losing money after few month, weeks or even days.

The only person who keeps making money from the Stock / Forex / Crypto market is the smart trader and not the gambler . If you want to make money from any market then you must shift your mindset to become more of an trader / investor than a gambler. Gambler might make some profit on the short or even the medium term but sooner or later they end up with losses.

Protip: If you are trading on Forex, S&P 500 , Nasdaq, TSX, Borsa İstanbul, I strongly recommend you to use “ EngineeringRobo “ on 1W candlestick charts. Not recommending any other time frames.


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There is no overnight success in a trading life. Let me remind you one of my favorite old story ;

A Harvard professor once asked his students to do a special report on fish. His scholars went to the library, read books about fish, and then wrote their expositions. But after turning in their papers, the students were shocked when the professor tore them up and threw the min the waste basket.

When they asked him what was wrong with the reports, the professor said, “If you want to learn anything about fish, sit in front of a fish bowl and look at fish.” He made his students sit and watch fish for hours.

Then they re-wrote their assignment solely on their observations of the objects themselves. Being a student of the market is like being a student in this professor’s class: if you want to learn about the crypto market, you must observe and study the major indexes carefully.

In doing so, you’ll come to recognize when the daily market averages are changing at key turning points — such as major market tops and bottoms — and learn to capitalize on this with real knowledge and confidence.

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