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Vendio is an interactive digital video advertising platform that bridges the gap between publisher content, audience interest and advertisers, linking ads that are relevant to media publishers consumed by viewers. The platform implements its own tagging algorithm, added to the video content fragments at a specific time and for the duration of the particular video selected by the publisher. This tag accurately describes the visual content displayed over a certain period of time. In addition, data in tags and asset information is forwarded to prospective advertisers to select publishers. Who chooses the best advertising that meets the specific needs of publishers.

Vendio Analytics provides detailed data for publishers and advertisers through the platform toolbar. Each participant in this process is given a Vendi estimate, where it will be clear how successful the publisher or advertiser is their content.
The platform will use its own VendiCoin token. All payments and trams will be made using SmartControl and use this coin. VendiCoin is a utility that gives the owner the rights and privileges when using the platform and services.

Vendio applies the associative property tagging formula which also applies to components of video content at certain times for video time periods, publisher elites. This tag accurately describes the visual content displayed during your relevant time period. knowledge in tags and data plus, and then shared with potential publishers. WHO is an alternative publisher. WHO then chooses the most appropriate advertisement to match the right content marked by the publisher. About VendiCoins Vendio can be a digital advertising platform designed to capture videos. This platform is made with a reasonable contract that uses rough treatment of Vendio tokens.

Recommended advertising methods: however, Vendio Cures the Broken business, this type of advertising is the most targeted market advertising for video ads represented in the business. Ads are no longer randomized or appear randomly. Instead, it is chosen specifically to match regardless of whether it is viewed on the screen over a period of time. Vendio VENDIO licenses can be a digital advertising platform designed to capture video. This platform is built with a good contract, where the unit uses the Vendio quiz.

Vendio is developing a platform to translate digital advertising services to a substitution level. The next stage of its development is the launch of a platform that can allow advertisers and publishers to connect the most important advertisements and content to the most in-depth interaction with the audience. Interactive video platforms (VIPs) can use their own tokens called VendiCoins - VENDI to submit all transactional processes in the application and on stage. It is expected that the platform will be ready to surge in late 2018, with development continuing through 2019. You are inspired to see the demo platform version, which is available for viewing by visiting: Token Vendio Brief description Because this has become an agreement, VendiCoin tokens themselves can flow to the design scheme .

Advertisers use VendiCoins to buy offers to run ad campaigns for publisher content and place the ads themselves. In addition, payments in tokens are more profitable than the means to order. With Vendi Token, advertisers can reward viewers for viewing. For advertisers with a balance of more than 5000 tokens placed on the platform, there will be a non-standard discount per click. VENDI token square size of Ethereum ERC-20 that will be used in many ways, such as the Vendio platform, for example:

• Advertising costs
• Payment methods for sellers offered on their website
• Application pending
• Pay for everything in the cost of Participation

All costs on the platform will be at additional levels of digital stocks or currencies. Vendoroin VENDI tokens are the core of all transactions made in an interactive video platform (VIP). Often, payments or transactions are not made, and not VENDI, which is governed by a franchise contract. The first release of VENDI tokens is when tokens are sold. Clients from the World Health Organization want to get services for Wenjiney, pay more. Information Token • VENDI Token • Ethereum Platform • ERC20 Type • Preyko 1 VENDI Price = 0.20 USD • Price in ICO 1 VENDI = 0.20 USD BONUS • STAGE 1 (pre-sale) •

For further development of the platform, the team holds ISO. Just released 10 million VendiCoin tokens. ISO is divided into 7 rounds. The first round starts on February 16, and the planned end date of the last round is March 23.
A few words about how a group of companies will be distributed. Let me remind you of the pool - 10 million tokens, that's not so much.

60% of tokens are held for sale
15% for marketing and operational purposes,
10% is provided for founders and ISO management.
-5% for ISO consultants and partners

The first two rounds are over. Now there is a third round. From February 26 to March 3. You can buy coins with a 48% bonus, which is 65 cents. From March 3 to March 8, the bonus is 35% - 80 cents. From March 8 to March 13, the bonus percentage will be reduced to 25%, the token will cost 95 cents. From March 13 to March 18, 12% and the price will be 1.1 dollars. And during the last round of March 18 to March 23 the price of coins was 1.25 dollars. This is a full value of coins. All coins are not sold at the end of ISO. It will be burned.

In general, this project is very interesting, the development of special advertisements will be widely used by publishers and advertisers. In conclusion, I want to say that I am very interested in this idea. I advise you to see this project.

Here are some helpful links where you can find more information:

Official Site:
ANN: https: // topic = 5046439
Linkedin: https: // www / company / vendicoins /
Reddit: / vendicoins



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