First Bitpay debit card withdrawal is successful!

in bitcoin •  last year 

I got such a rush from putting my Bitpay debit card into a regular ATM and taking out $20 USD cash!!! I used my mycelium wallet app on my phone to send my BTC to my Bitpay wallet using QR codes. It was hella fun and I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to turning SBD into BTC into USD. The future is here.

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Never use your Bitpay card directly. Instead, overpay a credit card that yields 2-5% rewards/cash-back. This way you save 2-5% on purchases but you are still using your Bitpay card (indirectly). Smooth bro, nice!!

Great to hear it works fine. I am thinking of getting one as well.

awesome. Perhaps I should get a bitpay too. Could you please write a post on your experience using Bitpay?

I sure can, I can make a little vid to go with it. There's a lot to type out! :)

@emeraldserpent that is quite a rush to get some FIAT for your crypto. I was just curious and don't wrong but if you hold your phone in landscape mode your video should fill up the full screen on DTube.............

Cool.... I try soon have this too :) I need it :)

That is amazing!!............SIR

Can you eventually make a post on the tax repercussions of using your bitpay card. I know each use is a taxable event but don't know much else.

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