The Running of the Bulls is Upon Us!

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Patience is in the process of paying off, the bulls smashed right through the walls and we will quickly be moving to new ATH's rather quickly!
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Ever since Bitcoin had its Golden Cross back in the last week of April, Bitcoin has been steadily gaining in Valuation.
After the Golden Cross the news has gone from mainly bearing to totally bullish. Every news article that comes out these days brings more good news, while if you remember back in 2017 when the price was declining all the news were negative. The point being that the powers that be must now hold enough Bitcoin that they want to see it rise again, so all the news will help them reach their goal. Us mere mortals can ride their coat tails and just hold on riding the wave. But where will we stop and how long will we stay on top before it starts to decline again? What is the strategy for when it makes the top? People will tell you trust the charts, but many times with Bitcoin the charts are unpredictable, for example right now the charts say over bought yet it continues to climb. It is too early to set up a strategy but basically I will be taking profits in .05 Bitcoin increments this way if Bitcoin continues to move up past 20k I will still have plenty more BTC to sell as it hits 25k and 30k, etc. Some say Bitcoin will hit 80k this run, I don't believe it but I hope it does. I am thinking it will hit 34-47k at the top but that is really more of a guess than anything.

I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice, invest at your own risk.


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Haha way back when, you were the first one who introduced me to the death Cross and the golden cross.

Good to see the bulls running and you posting again bro!

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Sorry I took so long to respond friend, having a crazy week between work and Finals for school. I am as well, lets hope the momentum continues.