Crypto is Starting to Make Cents

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While many are all about the investing and others just want to geek out, you can turn that blockchain knowledge to good use.
Blockchain jobs are pulling in the big bucks, so if you have the background for it why not make the switch?

Bitcoin's recent rally has seemed to slow down and we are hanging around at about $11,200 for the moment. There is no need to rush Bitcoin will move again as we get closer to the block reward halfing. We also have Bakkt testing going live in 11 days.

United States President Donald Trump has invited a Crypto company to the Social Media Summit, these Blockchain companies are getting more attention as Crypto continues moving into the main stream.

Big banks doubling down on how Libra could undermine their business but in a surprise comment from the Jerome Powell (Chair of Federal Reserve) made a Claim doubting that Cryptocurrency is able to replace fiat money. This likely spooked some bit money investors.

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I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. Invest at your own risk.


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