How to claim your Bitcoin Cash Tokens?

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Before starting to fear and feel insecure, especially if you are fresh blood or newbie without experience in crypto currency trading calm down because August the 1st is nothing more than a simple date. The day is chosen by a small group of miners to replicate the existing Bitcoin Blockchain and split their own offset named Bitcoin Cash. The official Bitcoin Cash abbreviation is BCC.
Everyone who has BTC tokens at the time of the split has the right to claim for free BCC tokens. This can be done using two different methods:

- Store your BTC in a wallet where you control the keys. You can use a paper wallet, Exodus wallet, hardware wallet or even If you don’t want to rely on a third-parties it is strongly recommended to use the paper one. The claiming procedure will be announced later.

- If you have faith in third-parties and don’t fear to store BTC on exchanges just deposit your BTC on the following exchanges before 31st, of July 2017.




Important! Deposit your coins to the shown exchanges before 31st, of July 2017. I personally, advise you to do that before 29th, of July 2017 because of overloading of BTC Network.

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free money!!!

Any idea where we can get the Bitcoin Cash wallet?


Actually it looks like they added some wallets.


Not for now I looked on their site and found nothing. I will search reddit for most information.

I had faith in Bittrex after receiving my share of Lumens in 26th June's giveaway. And I am very happy to have already received my share of BCC on both Bittrex and Yobit.

What a tax! I guess is Minners' week

Any idea how to claim your BCC from Please let me know? It would be greatly appreciated.


same here ! :)


same here lol Provides a tool that allows you to check a Bitcoin address for Bitcoin Cash

Have they announced the claiming process for the wallets (like

I put mine in paper wallet no know cannot find way to send it to trading

Hi there

I just wanted to know, does anyone out there have some sure fire way to claim from the wallet? I don't want to make any premature moves and risk my Btc in the process any advice willo be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys