Using Bitcoin On Everyday Items

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A lot of people think using bitcoin is not pragmatic and they fear getting into it because they don’t know they can use it on their daily lives. Terry Brock and Luis Fernando Mises talk about how easy it can be to get set up with a Bitcoin account and move away from the monopolized and socialized US dollar and into free-market money and using it on a normal basis.

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Thanks for making videos like this, it is very important for people to feel more comfortable interacting with bitcoin and crypto. The experience can be intimidating and you addressed it perfectly.

Bitcoin is great once you have a balance. But getting that first balance of bitcoin can be a lot of work. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

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When government protection rackets try to control monetary policy, this is what the markets will bring. The people will always find a way around the government for the betterment of humanity. Great content, keep it up!

thank you so much. and you are right! the market provides!

The biggest pizza service in Germany excepts bitcoin, too.

It must feel like a historic moment to buy pizza with bitcoin was than not the reason it was made for (or at least the thing it was used for the first time).

But I really hope that in near future it is not only bitcoin that will be accepted by companies, but also some great 2. Gen crypto coins.

We will see which coins will be accepted by the market in the years to come, but there is no doubt, that at least bitcoin is on the way to become a usable currency.

absolutely fabulous

Transaction cost is crazy high on bitcoin right now. It isn't feasible for small transactions. Until there's a fix, I don't think it'll be usable for daily shopping.

I think your video is real informative and educational. I like the fact that you can use bitcoin to buy everyday items and food/drink, but I'm more interested in making a profit by investing in it while it is not yet at the peak of it's value, so to speak. I here it is going to be worth more than million dollars per bitcoin someday. Do you believe this?

No doubt! Bitcoin is the best investment I've ever made. :)

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say ... some people need to touch their asset with their hands and feel it and smell it too
but time will make an adjustment on what people think

capitalism makes us more spiritual. we need less physical things... to make things work. <3

Using bitcoin on everything would be great.
Just waiting for that day to come! :)

its been here for a while, bro

Bitcoin is the new gold i always say that

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I use bitcoin every day. I follow you

Honest question, wouldn't BTC need to have much faster transaction speeds if it is to be used more in the real world in real time? How do they plan on fixing that?

honest answer, yes! it needs faster and cheaper transactions. alternatively, it will become more of an elite coin. but with that said, there are other coins that are cheaper and faster to use.

Over time, cash will be a thing of the past and all transactions will become electronic. Bitcoin is the future of that as we can transfer funds without government intervention or middle men seeing our transactions or making money off it.

Agreed. BTC is the future. Electronic transactions can help a little bit.
Decentralization is better than Rothschild Stuff.

Does the excessive volatility, lack of consumer protection and expensive exchange (fiat -> btc and vice versa) mean that BTC as a transactional tool only makes sense in censorship environments or in countries with weak/protected currencies?

not necessarily. banks serve about 1 billion of the population and the other 7 are underserved since they have no access to credit, identifications, or other requirements and bitcoin offers this service as long as you have a smartphone, which most people have nowadays.

Nice info 👍 👍

Guys bitcoin has a ATM devoted to it now # insane also follow me

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Upvoted and resteemed.. Love the helpful information in this interview..

I used my bitcoin on Steam. Not Steem, Steam!

TY for sharing this .

keep it up, more suceess is coming.