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Until mid November we won't be seeing many new heights I think ;)

As always thanks for an update :)

thanks for sharing daily btc forecast, it's really helpful

As always thanks for an update :)

At least alts are rising :)

Bitcoin will be falling or going steady for a while, while Alts rise.


BTC has rissen to much recently to keep the price stable.

Unless suddenly amazon or something like that is going to accept BTC . BTC will keep going down.

Steem however is at $1 for a long time, and is going to bump at some time.

we should see a nice correction in btc soon.

Go with bitcoin far

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thanks for staying us updated about bitcoins.

Block 491407 reached for bitcoin gold some hours ago. Very possible to see BTC back to 4k and alts go up. Thanks for the chart @elyaque.

btc is falling

Good update toBtc
For your post propagation.

BTC will raize again soon :)

Thanks for daily update btc

bitcoin is unstopable. thank you for tha information

BTC is going forward with grow up. Great work for BTC FORECAST 2017-10-25 sharing.

thanks for sharing btc forecasting report.

wow bitcoin down and steem up

Thanks for the information


BTC forecast with system analysis chart. Great job @elyaque

Thanks for the of update BTC report

Tks a lot for sharing bitcoin forecast today chart @elyaque

Day by day bitcoin take a growth. Thanks for your post.

Great work and great graphic chart.
100% like and resteem

Great chart for bitcoin.....
Upvote Resteem

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btc is going down

Thanks for sharing!


Great information of BTC.
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thanks for this info!!

thanks for this forecast of btc :)

thanks for update

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thanks for sharing its helpful

Thanks for the Update on the BTC buddy :)

great forecast once again :)


hope to buy some soon :)

Thanks for this post : )

going just like you forecasted