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Thanks for the analysis!

Correction period.


Thanks for the forecast update

Great analysis BTC forecast @elyaque.
Great work

Great analysis report @elyaque

Where was the forecast part of the forecast post?

good report!!

prefect forecast you made

Bitcoin in is quest to 10k :)

Thanks for share

looks good for today :)

thanks for the forecast post :)

it's really helpful post.
Great chart for bitcoin..

Great information of BTC.
Upvote Resteem

Thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing daily bitcoin forecast, it's really helpful

Thank you for sharing BTC Forecast @elyaque

thanks for sharing

Nice forecast thanks for it :)

thanks for update

Bitcoin is no bubble!

btc price will go up even more the next couple days

btc is on correction but i think it will be still bullish.

thanks for staying us updated about bitcoin.

good informatin thanks bro

Nice post...

great work....

Nice analysis buddy and hope it will get an uptrend & reach higher destinations

Great chart for bitcoin.....
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good informatin

todays btc forecast shows a light green!

After 25 october we can see what could happen with BTC and alts

So who here thinks we'll see $10K BTC by the end of the year? :)


I highly doubt it. Post fork there will be a crash which will halt inflation for weeks to monthly.

Thanks for the of update BTC report

Thanks for the of update BTC report

Thanks for sharing..

btc is on fire

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