So, it's going up again @elyaque?

Still rising hmm Thanks for the report :)

Wow nice rebounce. Almost 6000$... who would expect that 5 years ago...

thanks for sharing good information about bitcoins.

btc is looks good and it will remain bullish until the fork.

System analysis graph with BTC forecast update. Thank you @elyaque

thanks for sharing todays btc forecasting.

Great work @elyaque for share technical analysed BTC forecast sharing.

Thank you for sharing BTC forecast today @elyaque

Lets watch the new ATH. Thanks for the chart.

Nice forecast thanks for sharing

Than you for share

Great work and great graphic chart.
100% like and resteem

Thanks for the of update BTC report

mamy many thanks bro

Thanks for the information.

Great chart of bitcion.

Thanks for sharing!

btc up again

thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing BTC forecast today....

great forecast

nearly going back to ATH

I forecast rise until 25th October, then fall after Bitcoin Fork.

Thank you for sharing BTC forecast today

Thanks for an update! Cheers :)

Lets watch the new ATH. Thanks for the chart. Bro

Good update toBtc
For your post propagation.

Wow bitcoin only take air and go to fly newly

Great information of BTC.
Upvote Resteem


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interesting post..

accurate forecast report !!

Thanks for the btc update its going above now near to 6000$

very informative!!

really good work!

Thanks for this forecast report

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