HODL: Still the Best Strategy??

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In todays video I discuss HODL'ing in todays challenging cryptocurrency market!


Hodling is always the best strategy! (unless it's ripple)


good post i wil watch it now

Whats this red cel green token you are always talking about?

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I hodl my currency and i hope so the crypto market will up again

folowed and upvoted and yes, HODL FTW!

Definitely HODL my crypto, but if I hold my weed stocks to long they may go up in smoke 😥

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Is Holding really the best strategy?

We will definitely see another Bull run soon!

Hey there bud, been watching you on youtube and following your twitter since I got into crypto last June. I want to hear what you think about solutions to our BTC problem with Altcoins. Maybe a video or something would be cool. What I'm referring to, is that we use BTC as the base currency to purchase/trade for other altcoins. Which is asinine when it comes to valuation, why should a crypto company that is doing extremely well suddenly TANK in value (both BTC and USD values) just because BTC decides to take a dump. We need to work together as a community to come up with a solution and force the exchanges to use it or we will NEVER EVER EVER see mass adoption, of the tech yes but of the marketplace, no. Weakhands or not, the concept of this BTC to Altcoin relation is flawed. I propose something like USDT, if when audited and regulated could function as an option. If people buy into the market by purchasing USDT for USD, trading can then be done without the value of their purchase moving before the cash deposit even clears. #thanks4lettingmerant

Man, you Rocking! Buy RED sell GREEN :) I love it. Thank you for pointing out the obvious!


Holding is always best strategy

Hey I like the info you have to offer ..I am trying with what I can..im trying to raise money for a necessary medical procedure insurance won't cover..youtube won't pay me yet because I don't have enough hours of views..so any love my way much appreciated that's why I started steemit to earn money for my hard earned work I put into it..thanks scoop..if you could help so I can earn more steempower for Vincentb

cryptocurrency market is dawn but i think the market recovery under 1 month....so holding all criptocurrency to make profit..

LMAO Dino charts.. hahaahah

Upup vote and resteem !

Great video! I watch on YouTube but I don't think I will be there much longer. glad I found you on Steemit, are you on DSound?

Definitely HODL. And even buy some more of you afford to. The upward trend will come sooner or later.

I intend to hold until I'm a multimillionaire!

Great video! I enjoy your updates keep up with the great posts. I find all of your posts very informative. I am currently looking at a few red coins to pick up 😀.

I'm waiting to see if you power down ... put your money where your mouth is :)

Vincent, thanks for great videos. I've just invested about 30% of my portfolio into Zclassic. Important question that I'd love to confirm with you, since you're an expert on this - should we sell our zclassic right after the snapshot, or should we wait until the fork - when we already have BTCP? Thanks!

Hey Vincent... Love your videos, especially when you laugh at what your saying. Some of those words are hard to throw out there eh? Also, on top of that... Can I buy a vote from ya? Or are you already leasing them out?

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