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Now without assaulting me for FUD or trolling, just sit back a little bit and ask yourself is really all market value should be 700,000,000,000$, is Bitcoin at that point of development really worth 14,000$ or whitepapers market cap 800,000,000$? And maybe this time there are not under valuated coins, but over valuated and properly valuated.

In following article I will make a point, why I think market is little bit overbought and entering mania stage, I don’t know when it will end and how long it will last, but it defiantly end and will place everything where it should be.

Those two graphs will show my point and those are not the only ones.


First one is URO coin it’s backed by animal urine home page is not working and it’s basically dead still in last 3 month it gained 173% OK the volume is not very big but still.


Second is UET it has a cool home page and it’s totally useless even in home page it’s written, still it managed to gain 385%

Third, I can’t find proof anymore, but when ppl say that TRON and XRP will be worth 1000$ by end of this year, then I can’t stop laughing. Actually If one of these two coins will reach 1000$ I will follow McAfee and do the same.

So take care, trade with responsibility, and please don’t buy worthless coins at least check if it has a homepage and watch intro video.

P.S. If you don’t feel confident about your choices be free to join my discord channel.


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Lot's of dumb money in cryptos, and still A LOT MORE to come. Enjoy the ride.

someone said: crypto currency is a bubble . I will grow but we don't know when it will burst.. But it will burst ..@egoitss great effort in your post..