Best coin to hodl for 2018 (UIS)

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Here is my pick for hodling during 2018.
At the time of writing this it’s value in Usd is $0.11 and a market cap of 5.2 millions. It has a huge potential of gaining more than 1000% in value. You can buy it in Cryptopia exchange. I think it can perform like Verge coin did (if you bought $1000 of it a year ago you’d have more than $10.000.000 today). So my bet is UIS (Unitus) coin for 2018. It has a good developer team and is merge minable which means you can mine it with different algorithms. What that means is it’ll also have a truly decentralized mining. Not like Btc and Ltc or any other decentralized coin but centralized in terms of mining as most of the mining power is centralized in the hands of big mining companies.

Also it has a very small market cap at the moment so it’ll be very easy for the price to rocket once it gets more attention by the public.

Here are some links for you to do your own research before you get in.

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Me, I'm hodling sophiatx and base on my experience it is worth to hodl because they are now one of the 4 blockchain projects and altcoins that is good to hodl.