Bitcoin Up, Still Out

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Essentially I sold at the worst time at $9777 and Bitcoin is worth $2000 more today then it was then. In retrospect it was a bit greedy to sell at $9777 thinking that the lowest it could crash was $7500. This is especially true considering all the institutional interest coming through recently like Bakkt.

Also everyone is talking about how Bitcoin is making gains due to global insecurity regarding the economy. The Fed lowered interest rates and a lot of people (including myself) believe that's a sign that an economic recession is right around the corner. This is pretty exciting considering Bitcoin has never existed during a recession.

However, I don't really regret my decision to sell because that money was supposed to be my stable hedge fund this entire time. It's good to show some restraint and have a backup plan. Also, compared to my total holdings, that money isn't a very large percentage. In addition, I'd rather make my money by working (programming) than by speculating and gambling in the market.

No regrets.

The plan going forward is the same. I want to buy in slowly (shutter-step) during the months of September and October.

Price of Steem.

Everyone is still freaking out about it. I'm not. Even if Steem was doubling in value every year we'd still see a low of like 16 cents. The "Altseason" will come; just gotta be patient. I don't think of it as investing; I think of it as supporting the communities we want to be a part of.

Tread carefully.

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It is never a shame to bank profits. I personally have no plans to trade or sell till BTC has its first slump after a new all time high.

It's in the air... people are sensing something isn't quite right in the economy and when the Fed dropped rates it just confirmed suspicions. I agree with you... this will motivate more people to move into crypto / Bitcoin.

As for STEEM, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months with the HF21 kicking in and the upcoming 'alt season' as you put it. :)

I agree with being patient, but we have to encourage others to join the Steem community, otherwise the value of Steem will keep dropping.

Rather have bitcoin than fiat these days! Too bad I can't pay my bills with it yet (most, at least)! Soon!

I don't think of it as investing; I think of it as supporting the communities we want to be a part of.

What better to invest into than the people and things we consider important to us?

I have to buy some more BTC... I should have bought last week.

I want to support communities; not stinc

Hey man have you tried Prospectors on EOS?

sadly you need a fakebook or google acc..

lol u serious?

u dont seem to get the point

There's no point. You're suggesting that somehow you're above using Google to play a game. Great for you.

Nah I'm suggesting, that I should be able to login using my EOS Account for EOS Games.. ;)

Yeah. It's 2019, if you haven't noticed the plethora of places that despite the native account they link with Google in efforts to reduce spam and bots etc.

you probably did the fairest thing at the time. Indicator's are never substitute for speculative market. It's also not isolated as money flows toward it due to unforseen geo-political moves. If you make money why be greedy.

@edicted, Don't feel sorry, hope that next time you will get more profits. And when it comes to the Steem then definitely more than price aspect we should see towards the Technology and Communities.

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