Best pic ever :)

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Got to be one of my favourite pics. Bitcoin raised us!!!!!


I hope so but I truly believe that it's gonna be a perfect equilibrium because till now the ups and downs were too big :-? It's just a thought :) Hope you are right !!

I think we may already have seen it. It created a whole new industry and shown a new future.

Eso es cierto!!!

I can't agree more

Absolutely. Bitcoin is preparing for the biggest encounter. Let us get it

Well, I don't think so!

In my opinion, after a decade, most of the AltCoins would be disappeared because of some Security Issues.

I would vote for something like Ethereum Project, it might be one of the survival 😉

So, BitCoin would still be the first picture, but it might look like that:

BTC and Ethereum.png

P.S: Sorry for my poor edit! 😂😂

There are an endless possibilities of the future of CryptoCurrencies, but what everyone agrees on that BTC would still be the #1 coin and it won't be burned out!

I like the edited version better! More realistic!

haha.. I liked the edited part of pic

I don't agree Bitcoin will always be #1, it's just not feasable.

Wait for lightning network ... it would at very least address BTC's major scalability issues.

But to be fair, security will become more stringent and effective in line with the needs of the blockchain and enhancements will be made. As an example, the lightning network and hard and soft forks?

Its not a bad edit but resolution could be better

add me as my friend is still a newbie @mursyidi88

nice comment and upvote you good

Really? Okay im gonna sell my litecoin and dash . Thank you for the heads up bitcoin to the moon!

I disagree with you on this one
What goes up must surely come down

Así es BTC siempre sera la moneda N°1 la que dio origen a las demás crypto...

You got it nicely bro hehehe

hahahaha love it :)

I love it . Hopefully he lives forever!

lol, great picture


Bitcoin will be there till end.

Estoy de acuerdo con lo que dices!

Yes this is really true picture ...

As per the picture it is highlighting that Bitcoin is the father of cryptocurrency and othe currencies are its children and a time will come when the children will reach to the same height of father

I definitely agree with this picture. I am still new to the crypto world, but ive noticed that everytime Bitcoins price is down all the other coins drop as well. Good Stuff!!!


Great pic! It's the reason some people jokingly call Bitcoin "the gateway coin." Start with Bitcoin, and then you end up discovering all these other alt-coins...

nice this is happening.... hahaaha

future prediction, will go sure !! good work

Bitcoin is the Godfather of all coins!!

not worth 33 steem in promotion costs to make back 0.37 though :P

There's something very sorrowful about this image... #FuneralWorthy...

never ending battl

lol, great picture off

who knows ) its just a 1st steps in cryptocurrency world))

Im sure it will happen some day, but might take some time :p

v nice and creative mind you have i like this.

What happens to people who spend 10,000 bitcoins to buy a pizza?

It is a fact Bitcoin is the father, but someday the children will take care of their father. btw 27331905_10214555035486543_1772675921545595166_n.jpg

Such a cool pic, thanks for sharing mate

@ed209uk so creative. Long live Bitcoin!!🥂

I think so,but sometimes later,there must be excited coins show up, just wait patient.

nice pictures

I think you can replace Monero, Litecoin and Dash with Eos, Neo and ICon

Bitcoin will always be the top dog

agree, will be the reference for the other altcoins as now

I don’t see garlicoin on there!

Yes this is really true picture ....

Amazing photo :) but I love bitcoin :)

well check my post, u'll love it

Hey you forgot trx lol :)

i like the pic!!!

Very true! Bitcoin will always be there but the new technology will take over. Why would you use something that is slower and with higher fees when there is better options...

Hahaha, nice one. Young shall grow

This image is showing many thing.
Hay, Drive fast visitor on your profile.

speaks a thousand words but i don't see #steem in the picture so still not the nest picture ever yet the main ingredient is missing......... #steem

Why not is NEO ?

Nice content. Keep it up

this is actually true. lol

nice pic ...splinter and the hero turtles against ripple & co :)

Samsung Enters the Bitcoin Mining ASIC Manufacturing Business
is it true?

This made me tear up a bit. So true. What show/movie is this from?

So nice picture but its not 100% true cause when price of btc is going down most altcoins is going down too. There is big corelations between BTC and altcoins. I hope BTC will raise like phoenix and everybody will by happy like few months ago.

Pretty nice, cool deco, gameplay, and great sync. The green orb spam near the end looks kinda weird tho

Are you the artist of this pic?

very interesting

Good Post but, in my opinion lack the ripple.


Newsflash: The deep pocketed Comic publisher sued the bitcoin for copyright... and the bitcoin tanked but the kids circled around it and saved him ...

As per the situation first one is best with hell of reality :laughing:

So true! But I could imagine it will reverse, at least regarding DASH or LTC.

When a picture is worth a thousand words ......

i don't think bitcoin will be ended soon, has the biggest power among all; new cryptos will grow under bitcoin umbrella

Look at Monero, a step ahead of everyone else.

They forgot the EOS logo :)

Awesome pic.
But i do not think so if btc always be there

interesting :)

Raphael is my favorite , so I guess I gotta go with ETH long term ;)

That is nice pic. BTC is still covering 33% of market alone. We just have to wait for bounce.

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Di upvote lah punya kita

The financial future is the crypto currency. Bitcoin is in front. This is a more convenient monetary form. It can not be falsely printed, arrested or blocked. The financial world is developing and changing.

Wow!!! Really a great picture reminding their father of crypto coin. Agree?

Do not underestimate BTC. Bitcoin the future. is the the way. And I can't wait to spend it on everything and in everyday life because that's what's coming

Ha! The best one yet. Looking forward to all the other coins passing BTC.

What i have seen so far,Bitcoin will always be the leader of the pack.

hahahahah true

Nice :). I would be really, really happy, if you guys could look up my paperpiano and tell me, what you think of this :D.
Thank you
Piano Master

Gotta agree great pic!

This picture is shit

Love this picture! Reality and true is exacly like that.

this is awesome, nostalgic in a strange way

True but in my opinion Bitcoin will always be Big! and will always be the father coin!

Cute and creative!

It looks awesome

Bitcoin is what made it all possible.

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